- Koda -

Koda was the 4th dog we added to our pack. He came to us at 7 months of age in the hopes of making him a working service dog. After being disqualified, I decided to keep him and make him part of our family. Koda had a lot of developing and maturing to do. Now at 3 years old, he is still a clumsy goof but has turned into a wonderfully balanced dog. I use Koda for many of my rehabilitation, and training sessions. He has a drive to work hard and is excited to work with you and your pup!

- Bullet -

Bullet was the only one in our pack that we got as a puppy at the age of 10 weeks. His first two weeks after leaving the breeder were with a college student in a house with 4 roommates. Realizing a puppy was hard to take care of, they returned him to the breeder and we picked him up. He was our first dog and like many other first time dog owners we didn’t understand the quality of proper socializing. It is purely about quality and not quantity. We made the mistake of bringing Bullet to the dog park at a young age where he got bullied and picked on by other older dogs. When Bullet turned 1 he started to become very reactive on the leash towards other dogs. After going through training courses and learning what I know now I was able to turn Bullet around. Now at 5 years old I often use him to rehabilitate other reactive or aggressive dogs that come into our Board and Train programs.

- Kestrel -

Kestrel was the 2nd dog we brought into our pack and joined us at 2 years of age. He is from a very renowned breeder who used Kestrel as a show dog. After being diagnosed with juvenile cataracts, he was put up for sale and we took him in. Not having been properly socialized to different environments, Kestrel was very timid and fearful of new people and new places. It took us a month just to get him to venture away from the house. He needed a big confidence boost and proper guidance in situations where he felt unsure. It was a year and half later when one day it was as if the world came off his shoulders. Now at 7 years old he is confident, playful, goofy, and loves to help with training sessions. The major behaviour issue we had with Kestrel was his high prey drive and wanting to kill cats. With proper tools and proper training Kestrel now happily lives with 2 cats.

- Neptune -

Neptune was the 3rd dog we took into our family. At 2 years old he was a rescue that had been to 7 other homes before us. He was pushy, rude, didn’t understand personal space, anxious, high energy, fearful of new surroundings and insecure. This led to many battles that we had to overcome. Whenever he felt threaten his instinct to fight kicked in and he would try to attack us. We had a long road but the end result was completely worth it. Now at 7 years old, he is a balanced and loyal companion and not to mention the lead dog on our sled. He needed to work but also needed trust and a person he could depend on to advocate for him. I use him in many aspects of training and he can’t wait to work with you and your dog!

- Private Lessons/Behaviour Modification -

Private lessons is a one on one with the trainer. Program is between 6-12 weeks. At the evaluation we will work out a training program that is geared towards you and your dog.

- Practical Puppy -

It is important that your puppy starts out right. We go through proper socializing to every day situations, such as dogs, people, grooming, noises etc… We talk about why quality is better than quantity. Teach you how to raise a confident puppy. This program is offered private and in class. It is 6 weeks. Stay tuned for start dates for classes.

- Pack Walks -

This program is developed to help clients continue further training and exposure with their dog. It runs for a year (there may be some exceptions to dates) and you may show up when it is convenient for you. For clients who have gone through training. Starting March 18th, Saturdays at 11am, we gear up the pack and go for an hour walk.

- Off Leash Reliability Course -

Want to have your dog off leash? This program was developed for those who would like to have full control with their dog off leash, whether it be a walk in the bush, or at your cottage, this program is here to help you. I train you how to properly use an educator collar. We work one on one for 3 lessons, then work in group of 6 dogs. This is a 6-week program. Stay tuned for start dates.

- About -

I am here to help you! I love dogs and even more I love working with people and their families. It is rewarding to help them get back to what they have always wanted, a relationship with their dog. Having trained over 400 dogs in 5 years, I have developed knowledge to train and rehabilitate dogs. I believe that every dog has potential and I thrive on bringing out the best that your dog can do while building a strong relationship with your dog. I have studied in a 6 month training course, been a part of a Trainers United Summit, and attend every seminar I can with some of North Americas best dog trainers.

I own 4 incredible dogs, Bullet, Neptune, Kestrel and Koda. I have gone through tough journeys with my own dogs. By sharing my stories and seeing their accomplishments it has helped to give owners back confidence and hope that they too can reach this!

- Meet my Pack -

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My Programs

Our programs are geared towards helping you and your dog enjoy a stress-free life and a fulfilling relationship. No matter the breed, size, or behaviour issue, we set up a program that works for you. I believe every dog has potential and I am committed to helping you achieve the results you desire.

Private Lessons/Behaviour Modification
Practical Puppy
Pack Walks
Off Leash Reliability Course

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Hi there,

I wanted to send you a note to tell you how amazed I have been with your instructor Natasha's work and how grateful I am for all that she has done for us (and continues to do).

We sent our 10 month old goldendoodle to her back in May for a 2 week boarding school training (or as we call it the doggy-bootcamp :)) and it has changed our lives.

Natasha came all the way to where we live in Chelsea (3 times) to go over what they worked on, and coached me to build my confidence with him. She even taught him how to swim (and litterally went in the river with him!)

We now have a dog that I walk, off leash, in my neighborhood, and go swimming in the river everyday.

She continues to check in with me to see how we're doing. I am amazed at her dedication, professionalism and just plain awesomeness.

Can't thank you enough for providing such a great service; my family and will be eternally grateful for everything she has done.

All the best,


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Hi there, just wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to Natasha Lowe

My big boy turned 2 on Saturday and I am so very grateful to be able to say "it's all due to Natasha" that I am able to celebrate his day with him

When I first met Natasha, Raven my German Shepherd was 7 months old and he was VERY reactive and Natasha was my last hope - He was growing fast and he was becoming more reactive by the day so I had decided that I would give one more chance to try and get him under control OR otherwise find him a good home with someone who had experience with German Shepherds. It's not that I wanted to get rid of him because I loved him dearly...It was because he really was a good boy and I was afraid that his reactiveness would one day get him into trouble and I wanted better than that for him.

I got Raven when he was 8 weeks old and I made sure to do everything I could possibly do to keep him socialized and well behaved. We took daily walks in different places, we went to parks with my Grand children and Raven climbed the play structures and went down the slides with my grandbabies...he was the most amazing and friendliest pup ever. Two days before we started puppy kindergarten, I brought him to Pets Mart to buy him a new leash for training. When we walked in there were all kinds of dogs running around and that was the first time I had ever seen Raven react like that...it seemed to have come out of nowhere. He was the most reactive dog I had ever seen in my life and I was so hurt to see him like that. I had called the place where we were signed up for puppy kindergarten and explained what had happened...they had told me to bring him anyways. Once we walked into the training facility, he went nuts!!! The trainer worked with us and showed me how to redirect and try to keep his focus on me but that got me nowhere. I continued to go for the 8 weeks but Raven was so aggressive that he could not be around the other puppies – We had a barrier to keep him from getting to the other dogs. I was in tears because I felt as though I did everything I could think of to keep him from being an aggressive dog. I decided to sign him up for Basic Obedience hoping that we would get over that hurdle but Raven only got worse. After the second class, I pulled him out in fear of what may happen if he got hold of another dog.

For about 3 months I worked him hard at home both physically and mentally....we worked alot on Obedience and I would find places to take him for runs but I was always in fear of running into another dog. I hung out at the Marina in Rockland everyday to work him with distractions and he seemed to finally be coming around until one day another puppy came running over towards us – Raven went nuts and that was when I decided that I would have to either give it one more shot with a trainer OR find him a good safe home. I was heartbroken but I loved him so much and knew he had alot to offer and for him not to be able to go anywhere and to be stuck at home all the time was not a life that I wanted for him.

I found Canadian Canine Training website and put in for an evaluation with Natasha – She was very quick to call me back and offer a few times for me to choose from. When we went to Natasha’s, she did her evaluation and I thought Raven was going to eat her dog but his reaction was not quite as aggressive as what I have seen from him. Natasha worked with Raven a bit and explained a few things to me and I felt that she was the one to turn things around. I signed up for our personal training program and was looking forward to it . The first 2 classes were frustrating because Raven already knew how to sit and how to stay and I truly did not see how this was going to help us. After the second class, I was on my way out to the car and another couple was standing on the road...as I got to my car, a little dog came out from behind the car and that set Raven off...oh boy was he ever mean. Before I realized what had happened, Natasha came out of nowhere and took Raven’s leash and took control. Although Raven tried to test Natasha, she wasn’t having anything to do with it. I cried all the way home because I felt that teaching sit and stay was just not going to work with Raven..especially after seeing the worst reaction yet from my big guy. I sent off an e-mail to Natasha explaining how I felt about what was going on training wise...I signed up for the course to get help on how to deal with my big guy’s aggression....NOT to perfect his sits and stays. Natasha was soooooooo very understanding and sweet – She talked me down and assured me that things were going to work out and that I just had to trust her.

Well, we finished our private lessons with Natasha and I then signed up for group Basic Obedience....YES, Raven did know his basic obedience but I wanted to join a class and after that, I joined the advanced Obedience class and Raven was a charm.

Just to give you a little note on what inspired me to write this note now...well, on Friday I brought Raven to doggie daycare which he usually goes to 2-3 times a week but he hadn’t been there in about a month and I haven’t done any training with him since last August because of a back injury. Last Friday, I entered the building knowing it was full of dogs because the parking lot was full but I decided to go in and face the dogs...lol. As I opened the door, a large Bouvier pup had come out from behind the door and greeted Raven nose to nose and tried to jump on him...as I stuck my leg out, Raven had taken a step back and then looked up at me as if to say “boy, he was rude”....I was in total shock because Raven would usually attack but he did nothing...and I mean nothing. I had decided to move to a quiet corner away from the playful Bouvier and as I was making my way to the empty corner, there was a white lab that was full of energy and was dying to get to Raven. Normally, that sets Raven off but Raven totally ignored the lab and kept his focus up on me while whining with excitement. I hadn’t told my husband any of this and he was the one who picked Raven up after work – When they ladies brought Raven out to my husband, there was a large white shepherd that was very aggressive and wanted to eat Raven and apparently Raven did NOTHING!!!!!!!! My husband could not wait for me to get home from work to tell me that our Rowdy Raven was no longer reactive.

Natasha is an amazing person and trainer – She worked very hard with Raven and myself – I will be forever grateful for her kindness, compassion, patience and understanding. She made me feel so comfortable and confident. I was never ashamed for asking a stupid question because Natasha believed that if you don’t know and you don’t ask, then you will never know. Natasha also made me aware that if I hadn’t done the work that I had previously done with him, he could have turned out so much worse than what he was. I am so very grateful for everything she has done for us.


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The Caucasion dog is classified as a giant dog as well as a rare breed and is a guardian dog. When we acquired him he was 6 months old and we very soon afterwards had him enrolled in obedience training. Unfortunately, the training was the click and treat process and Logan became board with this very quickly and since this did not work for him we cut our losses and left. Soon after we had Logan enrolled in obediance training through the Canadian Canine Training Accadomy with a trainer by the name of Natasha Lowe. We immediately saw the differance in her approach and the results that we were wanting to achieve.

Logan is now 2 years old and behaving like a typical teenager. Incidentally the Caucasian does not reach mental maturity until 4 years of age. Not only was he being difficult to manage but his guardian instinct was coming to the forefront big time. We could not have anyone come over without the fear of him going into attack mode. Furthermore, he was constantly challanging us for alfa status nipping us when we tried to intervene. In discussing this with Natasha she recommended that we enroll him for a 2 week boarding intense training session which we did.

The process and the results were fantastic. Natasha text us on a daily bases keeping us fully informed on what she was doing and how Logan was performing. He was with her almost 24/7 for the entire 2 weeks attending training sessions, intensive socializing with other dogs and people (trips downtown for walks in crowds), etc. etc.

On his return to us he was like a different dog. Basic obedience was performed without hesitation and his attention to us during the process was intense. It was now our turn for training. We had 2 separate sessions to change our attitude to him in order to solidify/strengthen our alfa position over him and also to show us the proper methodology for defusing his guardian instinct. Much of this will be a continuous process until he reaches maturity and some will obviously continue beyond that point.

We are absolutely pleased with the results with many thanks to Natasha Lowe and the Canadian Canine Training Academy. Natasha listened intensely to our concerns and followed through with effective training for Logan as well as us. We highly recommend the Academy and especially Natasha


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For those looking for a trainer and those looking to sharpen some skillls, you found the right one. As soon as you meet Natasha you know she's switched on. I'll skip the part about her vibe cause you'll get it quick. She's awesome.

Our German Shepherd was about 11 months when we first started training with her, we had already been to group obedience classes, but our guy is head strong and needed more personalized guidance. Over the course of the summer, we were guided by Natasha and zoned in on how to curtail dominant behaviors. None of this is immediate, but practice bread results. She does know a lot about dog behavior. Even after finishing our training sessions we continue to follow our lessons. We'll be continuing with advanced training soon.

Dogs, especially head strong breeds, are a lot of work. Even in a perfect setting you'll be amazed how much more a good trainer provides. Natasha has our full support and we recommend her to anyone disciplined and looking for a high quality trainer.

Christian, Veronique, and Hank

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We were at our wits end with our 37lb Shepard mix, Kazu. She was a rescue with an unknown past. On leash, she was highly reactive and would lung, bark, growl, and pull at the site of other dogs, squirrels, people, bikes, skateboards, strollers, and buses. Her reactivity made walking incredible stressful for us as well as her. She couldn’t go anywhere near other dogs without her heckles going up and acting aggressive. We were worried that she may attack something or someone if she managed to get off her leash. She barked incessantly at our front door anytime anyone came over. She had severe separation anxiety and would bark and howl immediately when we left the house – even when we step outside for a minute. We tried other classes / training methods, but Kazu was not responding to anything. She continued to get worse. Needless to say – we felt like we were out of options…

Then we found Natasha!

When Natasha came to our house for the original assessment, she discussed her observations of Kazu's issues and put forward a plan on how to deal with them. We were a bit hesitant to sign on due to the time and financial commitment, but we're sure glad we did! Slowly but surely, every week that passed by, Kazu behaved better and better. Natasha helped us understand Kazu’s high energy, fears and insecurities and made us realize she was acting out mostly due to anxiety. We did weekly training sessions and in between those sessions, Natasha also answered every email and text we sent and essentially helped us every day. She taught us how to read Kazu’s body language and how to calm Kazu down. She taught Kazu that we would protect her and she didn’t need to act out.  She built up Kazu’s confidence. Each and every week - Natasha adjusted and personalized the sessions to Kazu’s and our specific needs – setting us up for success. She helped lead Kazu into making her own good decisions!

Now, here we are, 8 weeks later with such a strong relationship with our furbaby! Not only can we walk Kazu with some peace of mind now, but Kazu heels and keeps her attention on us. Kazu is much happier and more relaxed – which makes us happier and more relaxed.  At the end of the training sessions – we were able to do a Pack Walk with Natasha and her furry pals.  We never thought in million years we would be able to walk Kazu WITH other dogs – let alone off leash playing in a field and responding immediately when we called her to come.

Natasha saved our relationship with our dog and now our lives are so much better. Natasha works miracles! We cannot recommend her enough. What a great and rewarding experience! Thank you for everything, Natasha.

Kerri, Dave and Kazu


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I’ve taken 2 rescue dogs to Natacha. One went to a class for basic training and the other had more serious issues and needed private lessons. Though I love my dogs, I never like spending too much money. However, the BEST money I have ever spent on my crazy rescues is for the training they received with Natacha. She is an equally excellent trainer in both a class and individual setting. She is a wealth of very accurate information and all her input and guidance has been spot on. My dogs still have little issues but they are manageable and we all live in peace at home. When I see their behavior slipping, I do some training with them in the house and we’re right back on track. Thank you Natasha!


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I love Macy my Lab mutt. She is a sweetheart and a cuddle bear with humans, big and small. Not so with other dogs, especially after she was in a bloody fight a few years back. She turned into Jekyll and Hyde, sweet one moment and aggressive the next when meeting a dog. Just scary.

After years of frustrations with her behaviour around other dogs, like lunging, growling, trying to attack them, I was at my wit’s end. I was getting sick and tired of the stressful and unpredictable walks, the scary encounters with other dogs, Macy chasing some cars, pulling my arm out, making me fall on my a**, etc. Going for walk was, scary and a chore.

I had tried to work with Macy myself, then tried a local trainer and didn't see any improvement. I felt that Macy needed a dedicated and competent trainer, a change of scenery, and a fresh start, knowing I was part of the problem. She also needed to learn to be around other dogs in a controlled environment. After quite a bit of research I found Natasha Lowe. My lucky day! Macy’s too…

Macy spent 16 days with Natasha. During that time we received numerous updates through texts, pictures, and videos. It was incredible to see the change in Macy. She was becoming a more confident and calm dog. She was reacting less and less to other dogs. You could tell that she trusted Natasha to keep her safe around them.

When we picked up Macy it was my turn to get trained. It was fun, painless, and did I say, fun? Natasha explained what and how she had taught Macy, how to continue her training, gave me tips, and made sure I was comfortable with handling Macy. We set up a second training day two days later to continue my training.

In the meantime we went back downtown Ottawa and could not get over how calm Macy was with all the people, cars, buses and sometimes dogs around us. She would pay attention to us, obeyed commands and remained calm in the middle of the chaos. It was heartwarming to hear people commenting on how well behaved Macy was.

The second training day went great. Natasha set it up so that I would walk Macy on a long lead and she would walk a dog Macy had never met, right by us. Boy was I in for a surprise! I was able to recall Macy to me and there was no growling, lunging, or attacking of any sort. I felt so relieved.

Back home, we are continuing the good work Natasha did. Macy is a changed dog. I can now go for a walk not having to worry about meeting a stray dog, knowing that she will not hurt another dog or get hurt. What a relief! Going for a walk is now a pleasant experience. I have fun showing off Macy’s skills and getting her to try new things. I love seeing how confident she is now.

Natasha has done an awesome job with Macy. I will forever be grateful for the great work she has done. She has shown herself to be a caring, competent, and thorough trainer. She remains available to answer our questions whenever we have one. I could not be happier with the process and the results. Thanks Natasha!


- Contact -

Need more info? Please contact Natasha Lowe by phone at: 613 614 4930, by email at: coyotecanine@gmail.com
or on facebook at: Coyote Canine Training and Behaviour Modification